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Copy of Do I Need Therapy?

We live in a world today full of information and often times, very little guidance. Are you curious if therapy is an outlet to help you navigate your thoughts, feelings and questions? Review these bullets points below and if you seem to need assistance with any of these, therapy may be a good option for you:

  • I feel stuck in a place I don’t want to be in (bad relationships, low mood, career dissatisfaction).

  • I am unable to concentrate.

  • I am always tired and sleepy.

  • I feel on the edge.

  • I am unable to relax and rest.

  • I constantly ruminate about something.

  • I am unable to think.

  • I think I am too sensitive.

  • I am overly negative.

  • I am depressed.

  • I am unable to control my anger.

  • I experience frequent crying spells.

  • I feel irritable.

  • Substance abuse.

  • I have difficulty concentrating at work or school.

  • I feel sick, but all medical tests come out fine.

  • I get anxious around other people.

  • I feel like something bad is about to happen.

  • I experience irrational fears.

  • I feel unreal (more details).

  • I feel miserable.

  • I have a lot of negative thoughts.

  • I am haunted by bad memories.

  • Lately, I’ve been harming myself.

  • I have abnormal eating patterns.

  • I experience extreme mood swings.

  • I am in a state of constant worry.

  • I feel hopeless.

  • I suffer from panic attacks.

  • My relationships/marriage are going downhill.

  • I feel anxious in general.

If you identified even one of these items, let us know. You are not alone, there is hope for you. We are here to help you find that hope.

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